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How long has it been?

posted by whimsicalperfection on May 13, 2014 11:40 pm

Hello everyone!

Seriously, has it been this long since I last blogged? Sure, I've been caught up with work and wedding prep, but still, I guess I've just been lazy. There, I admitted I'm lazy! :D

But, this doesn't mean that I have not been trying new stuff. In fact, I'm been trying to go a bit 'greener' with my products, especially since the eczema is still raging on. So, to motivate myself to get my ass back to blogging, here goes my to-do list for the next couple of weeks/months:

- Review of Thayer's toner!!
- Review of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap
- Review of EDN products (bought from Taiwan recently!)
- My journey to losing some weight via a healthier diet (It's rather fuss-free and pain-free! No starvation involved, I promise)
- Review of Hiruscar
- Review of Cosme Decorte products
- Wedding preparations!
- Destashing and organizing tips

Okay, I think I have enough to go on for a while. Til I draft the first post, so there, bye!


Beauty.com 20% Sale!

posted by whimsicalperfection on November 4, 2013 8:35 pm

Hi everyone, it has been a while!

For today, I have a short post for you! Beauty.com is having a 20% discount sale soon!

At this time of the year, expect lots of Christmas gift sets and some really good deals. For me? I'm debating if I should stock up on Caudalie's hand cream!

<3 Candy


My new Nikon D3200!

posted by whimsicalperfection on June 30, 2013 2:50 pm

Hi everyone!
After deliberating for the longest while what new camera to purchase, I settled for the Nikon D3200 in Red!
Yes, red because black is soooo... common. :D
So far I'm liking it lots. especially since the weight is manageable. I initially didn't want a DSLR only because of the weight and size, but hey, the Nikon D3200 is reasonable!
And it's red :D:D:D
I purchased it at $829 (cash payment) at Cathay Photo. Comes with lots of freebies, including a 8G SD card, a tripod, a bag, a trolley bag, a cleaning kit, a card reader, WU-1A Wireless Mobile Adaptor, and a 20l dry cabinet. Super reasonable, in my opinion.
Say yay to new and better photos! <3


Catrice Mint Me Up Swatches and Review

posted by whimsicalperfection on June 26, 2013 1:14 am

Hi everyone!

Catrice is one of the new European (I believe they're from Germany) appearing in Singapore's drugstores, woots! They have been making waves overseas, known for their inexpensive makeup and nail polishes.
I've been eyeing some of their polishes for some time, so when the brand appeared in Singapore's Guardian, I made a trip down to Vivocity to check out the displays. And naturally brought one home :)
Catrice Mint Me Up Swatches and Review  
Catrice Mint Me Up is a sort of a Pistachio green, with fine gold shimmer running through it. The formula is pretty decent, 2 coats to achieve full opacity. One thing to note is that the polish has the tendency to pool up at the cuticles, and I had to keep cleaning that up. Otherwise, it flows easily, and is rather quick drying to boot! Since the shimmers reflect so much light, it's shiny too without a top coat.
If there's anything to fault with this S$5.90 polish (for 10ml), it's that the brush is not well-cut.
Catrice brush wonky  
Do you see how the brush isn't cut into a rounded edge (like the Sally Hansen's brush)? It has uneven lengths on both sides, making it rather difficult to use the brush easily. I would say though that this is a small problem; simply clean off the polish on the brush, grab a scissors or a nail cutter, and trim it to your fancy.
All in all, a good formula at an affordable brush, and with a wide range of more unique polishes too! Would I recommend more polishes from this range? Perhaps. It's not quite as cheap as say, China Glaze (around S$6.60 to S$8 for 15ml), but if there's a unique colour you just absolutely love, it's a case of, "why not?".


Travel 2013: Japan

posted by whimsicalperfection on June 23, 2013 11:57 pm

I promised myself that I would write one last post on my travels to Japan, after the last post on food in Japan. This post will focus on the gorgeous scenery over in Tokyo!

The flowers in Japan are really lovely. And for some strange reason, when they fall off their branches, the flower itself will be intact. Super pretty!
Japan FlowerJapan FlowerJapan FlowerJapan Flower

I have so many gorgeous shots of Tokyo, I had to condense 10 days worth of scenery shots into 8 collages. Let me know if you're curious to know where any of the pictures refer to. Meanwhile, enjoy the spam of photos!
Japan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good WeatherJapan Tokyo Scenery Good Weather  
All in all, if you ever have a chance to travel to Japan, please do! It's such a lovely country, and despite having been there 3 times in the last 6 years, I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing Japan. Good food - check. Nice, friendly people - check. Good weather - check. Pretty flowers - check. Culturally-rich - check.

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